PT. Cibadak Agri was established in 2008 with the mission of supplying high quality locally grown produce to combat the ever growing imports in Indonesia. We aim to provide our customers that demand high quality fresh produce, while reducing the carbon footprint of imported products. Our moto is for everyone to eat fresh and live healthy – healthy living by eating vegetables as part of the daily diet.

The growth in urban population and overall economic development have shifted Indonesians diet from one rich in vegetables to one that is dominated by protein and carbohydrate rich fast food or processed foods. Convenience is a big factor in this shift, but we believe that we can again enjoy vegetables in our diet through salads that takes only a matter of minutes to prepare. At Cibadak Agri, we aim to spread the culture of eating vegetables that are a part of traditional diet in some cultures in Indonesia to a wider audience through our product range.

We produce locally grown salad leaves, tomatoes, herbs, and various other products that are distributed through supermarkets and supplied to hotels and restaurants in Indonesia.

Cibadak Agri Highland brand products fulfill the need for exotic leaves demanded in high end F&B outlets and hotels in addition to everyday products for consumption at home.

Most of Highlandbrand products are grown in green houses in our farms in Western Java and harvested and packed at our own facilities. In addition to our own production, we also distribute locally sourced fresh produce to provide complimentary products to our customer base under one roof.

Since the inception of our company, we have continually put our effort and focus in improving our production quality and consistency. We have made investments in production technology to ensure consistency in our fertigation system, cleaning, sorting, and packing to support our production growth. We believe these investments are one of the key factors that will set us apart from the competition. Our Highland brand continues to evolve along with our growing capabilities and customer base, but our primary focus is to build on the high level of trust among chefs, consumers, and sourcing staffs.